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Ever since stepping into her commitment as a Moon Dancer, Alessandra has been living her life as ceremony. Honoring the elements, seasons, and rites of passages for herself and her children. Every major (and minor) life transition is an opportunity to consciously & intentionally celebrate. Ale is passionate about holding space for her friends, family, and community. Along with her event planning, marketing, and organizational skills; she is able to facilitate ceremonies and rituals with ease and grace.


Ceremony Offerings Include:


Full or New Moon Ceremony
Honor the moon in whatever season you wish! Learn about the different phases of the moon and how she influences our sacred waters & emotional body. Ceremony includes opening ceremony, alignment & movement, sound activation, closing ceremony. Optional Potluck Feast to nourish and ground. Individual or small group options.*

Red Tent Ceremony
A gathering of women that often occurs at the new moon when girls & women are most in need of support, rest & reflection. This is a timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures which serves as a regular forum for empowering women's sense of self-hood. Talk on Menstruation & Womb Wisdoms. Can also be a ceremony to celebrate a Maiden's First Moon.

Sacred Union Ceremony
A Sacred Union Ceremony honoring individuals wishing to step deeper onto their path of commitment. Alessandra will be officiating her first wedding in March 2019. She is in the process of applying, more info TBA. *

Bride-To-Be Ceremony
Blessing the death of the Maiden, release old cords and attachments, set new intentions, be held accountable and supported by those closest to you. Option to incorporate a sacred alignment or conscious movement class.**

Blessing Way Ceremony
An ancient Navajo tradition honoring the woman being initiated into the path of motherhood. We pamper and anoint the mother with oils and a floral foot soak, adorn her, and vulnerably share our prayers and well wishes as she nears the birth portal. Can be done in addition to Baby Shower usually 33+ weeks.

Ceremony for Miscarriage or Still-Births
A private and intimate ceremony to honor a life that was not to be. Earth based ceremony and limpia (energetic clearing).

Croning Ceremony
A celebratory ceremony that formally recognizes that a woman has achieved the status of crone, elder or wise woman.


*Can be paired with Energy Work Session
**Can be paired with Custom Yoga Private


Please contact Alessandra to coordinate ceremony details, pricing, and date.
Ale is happy to work on a sliding scale (honesty based donation system) or work within a budget that honors the work, time, and energy it takes to hold sacred space. Ceremonies typically start at $250. Virtual Ceremonies are an option.


You are so loved♥️