One-Hour Wellness Consultation with Alessandra

One-Hour Wellness Consultation with Alessandra

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Alessandra offers a space to listen, reflect, support, and give guidance from her heart & mind.
A safe space to share, be held, and supported.

Ale is a certified Regenerative Detoxification Consultant who has been walking her health & wellness journey for a decade now. She has studied a variety of healing modalities and conscious ways of eating. She has experimented with following: Ayurveda and eating according to the Constitutions, Raw Veganism, Fruitarianism, Regenerative Detox, Heavy Metal Cleansing, Water & Dry Fasting, Re-building after Detox, Intuitive Eating, Nutrition through Animal Products, Ancestral/ Spiritual Nutrition and she is able to provide support and consultations involving herbs, tinctures, and infusions.

As a folk herbalist and plant medicine maker for her line of CBD hemp products, Raising Vibes, Alessandra is highly educated in therapeutic cannabis use and has attended Cannabis Conferences- including the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, OR & training from AHPA (American Herbal Products Association).
During her sessions, Alessandra gets curious about family history, blood type, current eating habits, health goals, pre-existing conditions & symptoms, and helps create new intentions and guidelines for whatever it is you need! Yoga, Structural Alignment, Mindfulness exercises or journaling activities for you to do at home may also be provided. Ale is also available for in-person or virtual yoga & alignment privates here.

My prayer is that all humans have a space of support, encouragement and reflection. There have been times in my life where I have felt I lacked this deep connection to myself on both on a physical and spiritual level. Living in fear and loneliness is not natural to our human identity, we crave returning to that source of connection we all share, and returning there together. -Alessandra Milena
Learn more about Alessandra here.

This offering is based on a sliding scale investment amount. Please pay what you can. This allows me to make this offering accessible to others. Scholarships available- please email me for more details.

Once you complete your order, Alessandra will email you to schedule a time to either speak over the phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

You are so loved♥️ 

Disclaimer: Alessandra is not a medical doctor and her sessions are only for educational purposes. Please consult your physician with any medical concerns.