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1hr Energy Work Session with Alessandra

1hr Energy Work Session with Alessandra

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A One Hour Reiki/ Energy Work session with Alessandra Milena.


A safe space to share, be held, and supported.


Alessandra is a certified Reiki practitioner. She is also a Peruvian Ceremonialist, Moon Dancer from the Mexica Lineage. Alessandra was handed down the tradition of limpias and banos from her Peruvian Mystic Grandmother.

A session with Alessandra may include:


Plática: an open-hearted conversation to discuss what it is you wish to focus on, clear/ release, and set new intentions for.


Reiki: Non-Contact or Hands-On energy work channeling the Universal Source/ God Energy of Unconditional Love through the palms.


Limpias: Used to cleanse the energetic body or home/ office of old and stagnant energies, foreign entities, and illness. Ale uses the aid of feathers (gifted or found), limpias con huevo (egg clearings), hierbas (herbs/ plants), and prayer honoring the directions, elements, and ancestors.


*This session is more based on the emotional & mental bodies rather than the physical body. For Wellness Consultation book here.


Learn more about Alessandra here.


This offering is donation based and open to trades. Please pay what you can. This allows me to make this offering accessible to the community. If you wish to pay another amount that is not listed please select OTHER and contact or venmo @raisingvibes You will not be turned down for inability to pay suggested donation price!


Please contact Alessandra to schedule longer than a One-Hour session, group sessions, home or office/workplace cleansing, and other small group ceremonies.


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Once you complete your order, Alessandra will email you to schedule a time to either meet in person or speak over the phone, FaceTime or Zoom.


You are so loved♥️