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Flower Essences
Flower Essences
Flower Essences
Flower Essences
Flower Essences
Flower Essences

Flower Essences

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On a cloudy summer day I ventured up to the Rainbow Trail in the heart of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Colorado. There, I found the three sisters dancing for me in abundance. They called to me. They sang their songs in perfect melody. I asked permission, put down tobacco as an offering, and gathered Wild Rose, Mountain Arnica and Colorado Columbine from alongside a cold stream. I began to run back down the mountain, I was stopped by two more beauties. Yarrow and Rocky Mountain Penstemon wouldn't let me leave without sacrificing themselves as well. What a blessing. I arrived home, prepared my space, entered ceremony and infused these beauties under the moonlight with prayer and intention.

Flower Essences are flowers infused in water under the sun or moonlight. I add a high quality Brandy to preserve the mother essence and pour them with love into 15ml dropper bottles. They work on a very subtle yet powerful energetic level.

Purchase individual essences or our Rainbow Blend (Wild Rose, Colorado Columbine, and Mountain Arnica)

Ingredients: Vibrational Flower Essence, Water, Brandy, Love

Wild Rose:
Heart centered medicine to support the emotional body and create harmony of the mind, body and spirit. Healthy balance between giving and receiving. Ability to say "no" and choose from a place of desire rather than need. Relax into the essence of the moment. Love unconditionally.

Colorado Columbine:
Move into a new chapter of life. Release the weight of the old and begin anew. Re-invent and re-consider your life. Walk forward with grace. Step into your your path of purpose & dharma. Release your past identity. Put the skills & experience you've acquired into action. Rebirth.

Mountain Arnica:
Aids in processing trapped emotions post trauma, accidents, injury, or violent experiences. Can be used immediately after accident to release shock held in the body or on old "set in" emotions and physical issues. Supports dis-associative personalities, puzzling illnesses or conditions.

Helps sensitive people be less affected by emotional, environmental, or energetic factors. Empowerment to set boundaries. medicine for healers or caregivers needing empathic support. Strengthens those with chemical or allergy sensitivities. EMF protection.

Rocky Mountain Penstemon:
Build inner stamina and resistance. Tap into undiscovered reservoirs of strength. rebuild against all odds. Diffuses overwhelm & exhaustion. You choose to allow in or block unseen forces. Accomplish what must be done. Heartache medicine.

Cannabis Sativa:
Brings clarity of will and initiative. playfulness & light-heartedness for starseeds on this planet. Used for astral and altered state awareness. removes phlegm & blockages from hollow spaces such as nasal passageways, lungs, and bowls.