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Community Council: Decolonization & Cultural Appropriation
Myranda Bennett
Mariah Makalapua
Marilu Shinn
Meesha Sharma
Jenelyse Woolery
Community Council: Decolonization & Cultural Appropriation
Alexandra Carelli
Alessandra Milena

Community Council: Decolonization & Cultural Appropriation

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Join us for a Community Council Panel Discussion Hosted by Founder & Farmer of Raising Vibes Alessandra Milena.

FRIDAY MARCH 5th | 7pm EST | 6pm CST | 5pm MST | 4pm PST



Myranda Bennett @boundlesswarrior
Mariah Makalapua @medicinecollective
Marilu Shinn @mujermedicine
Meesha Sharma @alchemystic_studio
Jenelyse Woolery @indigigoldenherbals
Richy & Xochitl @indigenous1492
Alexandra Carelli @alexandra.carelli

We will be diving into topics relating to Decolonization & Cultural Appropriation within a variety of fields and industries. Topics will include: How to Walk With Integrity in the Health & Wellness Industry, Our experiences as BIPOC leaders in our Professions, Cultural Appropriation within the Yoga Community, Decolonizing Herbalism, Preservation of African Culture, Traditional Medicines, and Ancestral Healing, Keepers of Indigenous Wisdoms & Ceremonies, Pre-Christian European Healing Traditions & Rituals, Shadow Work relating to Colonization, Indigenous Resilience, Hardships of Colonized Natives living on Turtle Island, and The Politics of Decolonization Work.

From Alessandra:
I am honored to host this virtual container. This panel includes some of my favorite social media decolonization work "influencers" and leaders in the community. I pray that you join us to do the work. These conversations are not easy, they are difficult, uncomfortable, necessary, and provide such a potential for growth and deep introspection. From this place we take action for our BIPOC communities all around the world. Thank you in advance for being here, for your vulnerability, and support.

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Our panelists donated their proceeds to non-profit organizations & indigenous communities. Raising Vibes will be donating 100% of future profits as well.