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Born in Peru to a strong willed mother and witchy grandmother, Alessandra carries her Peruvian medicine woman lineage proudly. Working with limpias, baños, and indigenous rituals since her youth, she has grown up with these traditions ordinarily interwoven into her life. 

Ale has always had a genuine curiosity for life and how we evolve and awaken as human beings. After growing up in South Florida, her wanderlust and privilege led her to study out west in New Mexico and Colorado. Her reconnection to spirituality was initiated while living in the Enchanted Circle with her wolf dog & protector, Ivory. 

Colorado State University is where Alessandra received her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a focus on Comparative Politics and Constitutional Rights. After college, she became a certified yoga instructor in Austin, Texas and soon after, was quickly initiated into the path of Motherhood. Ale home-birthed her oldest son Ivan in a little house a couple miles from the beach where she grew up in Naples, Florida. 

In 2014, Ale and her partner Ford decided to challenge the mainstream and moved off-grid to Southern Colorado where they dove into their passions of organic vegetable and cannabis farming. This time, in their sweet little mountain home 3 miles from the Rio Nepesta, Ale home-birthed her youngest son Rafe on a cold early-Spring dawn.

Alessandra has been practicing yoga since 2007 and teaching on-and-off through motherhood since 2013. Ale has been inspired by the physical alignment of the human body, the opportunity for emotional release, the mental clarity gained, and her spiritual connection to source remembered. Her classes are full of detailed information on human anatomy, technical support in poses, and profound wisdoms to activate our human vessels.

Along with alignment, movement, and folk herbalism on her side, Alessandra became a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and has taught workshops, hosted discussions, and community cleanses in Florida, Texas, and Colorado! Cannabis and Hemp educational events are also a passion of Alessandra's as she is able to help bridge the information gap and teach others about this sacred plant medicine that has been stigmatized through prohibition.

Alessandra received her Reiki Level I & II training from mentor Lenka Schulze & Dr. Brian Lee. Ale has organized & hosted Solstice & Equinox Celebrations for her community since 2018. She also hosts Women's Circles, Plant Medicine, New & Full Moon Ceremonies both virtually and at her homestead. She loves to share about her journey,  how much it has shifted & evolved in her life, and relate through stories of our strengths and struggles as not just women but humans.

Ale looks forward to continuing to offer educational events, yoga & alignment classes, detox & cleanses, workshops, private wellness consultations, and ceremonies focused on health and wellness of the body, mind & spirit. Ale enjoys helping educate and inspire others to live a more sustainable and connected life, but most importantly, to lead by example.

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