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Branding & Marketing

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It takes courage to step forward and launch a new business…
and we're here to help! The process of creating a solid brand that represents your values, skills, and passions CAN be done with ease.

With the proper guidance and support we will have you on top of your marketing strategy, social media, and advertising!

Our intention is to help you refine and bring clarity to what exactly it is that you are ready to put out into the world and LAUNCH it!

Alessandra has been helping my friends launch and market their businesses for 5 years now. It started more informally, and as my passion and knack for this work grew, she started taking on more accounts particularly in the health & wellness industry. Ale has learned authenticity is key, that’s why formulating a brand that reflects your true passion will lead to success!

We truly believe we have the right to follow our passions, maintain personal integrity & accountability… all while making a sustainable living wage! Optimizing our branding and marketing allows us to reach the target audience we want to serve.

There are so many programs, apps, and website templates that make it easy to run your small business, you just have to find the ones that best serve you! We believe most businesses owners are capable of running their own marketing and social media with a little bit of help-
and the right subscriptions :)

If you are looking for the proper resources, support & guidance for your brand in modern-tech-social-media age, then Raising Vibes Branding & Marketing is for you!

If you purchase this product you will receive a one hour consultation to ask any branding, marketing, social media, strategizing, and advertising questions you may have!

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