2/6 Plantas Sagradas at Ironside Miami
2/6 Plantas Sagradas at Ironside Miami
2/6 Plantas Sagradas at Ironside Miami
2/6 Plantas Sagradas at Ironside Miami
2/6 Plantas Sagradas at Ironside Miami
2/6 Plantas Sagradas at Ironside Miami

2/6 Plantas Sagradas at Ironside Miami

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A ceremony honoring our plant allies and their medicine through intention, movement, and prayer.

Saturday February 6th, 2021

Glassbox Ironside Miami

7610 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138

Check in: 4:30 Event 5-9pm

Sliding Scale Tickets: $44-$66

Alessandra Milena - Carolina Francesca - Suey Vendrell - Emilia Garth - Daniela Sage

Honoring the Elements and Directions we will open the ceremony with intention and rituals to purify the space. We will work with a variety of herbal allies to help us ground into our bodies and send up our prayers. Carolina Francesca will offer a meditation as we intentionally work with the sacred geometry of the mandala. Suey Vendrell will guide us on a journey through the chakras as we activate our light bodies. We will bring in movement to drop in, shake out whatever is no longer serving us to flow with ease and grace! Alessandra’s conscious movement set will bring us to a transcendental state to aid in weaving our prayers into reality. Songstress Emilia Garth will bring us back down to the earth and support us in integrating all of the medicine with the frequency of the crystal bowls and her vocal activations. Closing statements and shares will be led by Daniela Sage. Alessandra will end the evening with a closing ceremony releasing the directions, elements and take a moment to reflect on anything that comes up through this sacred experience.

Tickets are based on a sliding scale. Please pay what you can. This allows us to make this event accessible and affordable to everyone.

Included with Ticket:
Herbal Tea
Tinctures & Infused Oils available for sampling
Fruit Water
Fruit Platters

Please bring your own: Yoga Mat, Mug for Tea, Reusable Water Bottle, Open Heart


Please email ale@raisingvibes.com for more information






Born in Peru to a strong willed mother and witchy grandmother, Alessandra carries her Peruvian medicine woman lineage proudly. Working with limpias, baños, and indigenous rituals since her youth, she has grown up with these traditions ordinarily interwoven into her life. Ale is a Moon Dancer from Abuela Ana's Costa Rica Danza and Chanupa carrier.
In 2014, Ale and her partner Ford decided to challenge the mainstream and moved off-grid to Southern Colorado where they dove into their passions of organic vegetable and cannabis farming. This time, in their sweet little mountain home 3 miles from the Rio Nepesta, Ale home-birthed her youngest son Rafe on a cold early-Spring dawn.
Along with alignment, movement, and folk herbalism on her side, Alessandra became a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and has taught workshops, hosted discussions, and community cleanses in Florida, Texas, and Colorado! Cannabis and Hemp educational events are also a passion of Alessandra's as she is able to help bridge the information gap and teach others about this sacred plant medicine that has been stigmatized through prohibition.
Alessandra received her Reiki Level I & II training from mentor Lenka Schulze & Dr. Brian Lee. Ale has organized & hosted Solstice & Equinox Celebrations for her community since 2018. She also hosts Women's Circles, Plant Medicine, New & Full Moon Ceremonies both virtually and at her homestead. She loves to share about her journey,  how much it has shifted & evolved in her life, and relate through stories of our strengths and struggles as not just women but humans.



    Carolina is a Moon Dancer in Mexico, a sacred pipe carrier, ceremonialist, medicine woman, & facilitator for expanded states of consciousness for the last 10 years, working primarily with Amazonian plant medicines.
She is passionate about the natural world & has been independently studying ethnobotany and training in botanical healing practices with Shipibo healers in Peru. Carolina is co-founder of Tribute Earth, a nonprofit that uses transmedia storytelling to inspire humanity to reconnect with their deepest essence and Mother Earth.
Her mission is being a bridge, a Chakaruna, between ancestral wisdom and this new time, by co-creating collective coherence through the arts, film, music, ceremony, integration, and collaboration.

Suey is a Yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and Spiritual Life Coach in service to humanity and planet earth. Her heart-led mission is to guide and empower others to awaken the healer within, so you may walk in alignment with your pure potential, activate your unique gifts and rise in your highest expression. She firmly believes that if we truly want to see collective transformation, it begins at the individual level. By each one of us doing the work, we will create a ripple effect of healing across the planet through all of humanity.
The physical body is a vehicle for the soul. Through yoga, we awaken the soul by physically moving stagnant energies in the body, clearing blockages, thus making space for the light/wisdom to pour through.  In this journey through the chakras, you’ll be intuitively guided to activate each energetic center leading to a full physical, mental and emotional recalibration to liberate your highest, most authentic expression.


Emilia is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach based in Miami, Florida specializing in mantras and uplifting music for holistic, wellness, and yoga events. Hearing her sing is more than watching a performance, it’s embarking on a journey.
She has graced stages from Ultra Music Festival, Miami, USA to Bali Spirit Fest, Indonesia.

Passionate about self-empowerment, she uses a holistic approach to coach singers and public speakers. She finds joy in witnessing the transformative experience of vocal activation. It is one of the simplest ways to improve quality of life.


Daniela Sage is a spiritual mentor, artist and producer with a background in psychology, holistic wellness, shamanism, mysticism, energy work & sound healing.
In the last decade, since her awakening in 2009, Daniela has dedicated her life's work towards exploring and embodying higher levels of consciousness, greater self-awareness, and to be in sacred union with the Creator and all life.
She runs Light Codes Wellness, LLC and lovingly guides her clients towards greater self-discovery, empowerment, conscious Creatorhood, and inner peace. She serves one-on-one clients and groups, virtually and in person.
Daniela's highest intention with all her events, retreats and curated healing experiences is to bring many activated and awakened souls together to collectively raise the vibration on the planet, and to open a portal of love and healing for all. Her sacred offerings are both deeply activating and restorative. She incorporates multi-sensory practices, which gently guide participants inward to the core of their inner being to relax, upgrade and rejuvenate.
Planetary ascension into the new Golden Age is ultimately why we must continue to come together, despite all odds, and celebrate the New Earth we are co-creating as one unified Family of Light ~
A first-generational immigrant, Daniela is originally from Colombia, she speaks fluent English and Spanish, and currently resides in Miami, Florida. She blends her creative talents with science and ancient wisdom by using a modern and intuitive approach, which allows her to merge several healing modalities into all of her sacred offerings.
Daniela serves to support others in their soul journey with integrity, love, and honor.