March Women's Council w/ Alessandra

March Women's Council w/ Alessandra

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Join Alessandra every Monday in March to be seen in a sacred & supportive circle of sisters for 5 weeks.

As women living in a modern world, councils such as these provide the traditional framework we crave.

A place to share our stories, our challenges, and our strengths. What is working and whats failing in our homes and relationships. These are our primal instincts to gather and share from the heart.

After years of informal guidance and several months of consistently & formally holding sacred containers for women, Alessandra is opening up her offerings to all who identify as women. Through prayer, connection to the elements, the directions, and our loving ancestors we open the circle and drop in to the true Self. All who feel called will have an opportunity to share and consciously process in a vulnerable & honest way. Alessandra has a way of bringing a strong grounding presence while keeping the mood light and inviting for all who choose to participate.

If you've been feeling isolated this year and craving that sense of community, accountability and growth; we seek to provide a sanctuary space to drop in together and fulfill that basic need for human connection & transcend beyond.

Reach out to Alessandra with any questions @raisingvibes & ale@raisingvibes.com

This Series includes: weekly 1.5-2 hr group call (5 calls total), 1 hour private guidance call with Alessandra, workbook, weekly journal prompts, support, accountability, inner-work, prayers, and personal growth.

The FREE January Women's Circle was a great success and Ale is excited to continue this offering in a more structured and committed way for women wishing to receive this support.

You must register to reserve your spot. The class is capped at 10 women per week + Alessandra = 11.

We ask that you commit to the whole series to ensure a secure container that we can deepen into as we explore together.

We understand if you want/need to turn camera off after introductions- but for intimacy and intention of the circle, it would be sweet to connect visually for a few minutes at the beginning! If you do not have video access, no worries just email Alessandra to check in. Thank you for your understanding.

Dates: 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29

Time: 8pm EST every Monday night

This class is accessible to all who identify as woman. You are welcome here!

Thank you for your presence. Please email Ale with any questions or if you have any injuries you need support modifying for at: ale@raisingvibes.com

We encourage you to set up your space with whatever props you need- but not required (i.e mat/rug, blanket, block, bolster).