2/22 Decolonizing Herbalism w/ Jenelyse Woolery

2/22 Decolonizing Herbalism w/ Jenelyse Woolery

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Join Jenelyse as we discuss the many constructs of channeling our individual ancestors relationships with medicine and herbalism. Simultaneously sharing tools / tips/ & practices that allow for non - native peoples to continue practicing herbalism and imbibing herbs from a decolonized approach.

What is cultural appropriation in herbalism? How can we appropriate & exercise our own cultures herbal/ medicinal practices without harming the people whose lands we live on? How can we give back to the peoples whose lands we live on? How can we honor those people and our ancestors when living on foreign lands? What exceptions are allowed so that we can simply survive and remain as rooted in these ancient traditions as possible? What flys and what doesn’t fly living on stolen land?

The perspective and practices from a descendant of West African, Congaree First Nation, Italian , & Scottish ancestry. The perspective from an Afro Indigenous herbalist and herbal teacher.

Jenelyse's makes yearly donations to various individuals and organizations in need in West , East , & South Africa, Jamaica, The Untouchables class in India &  the American Indian Movement and various Native American mentors who have helped shape and shift her knowledge around social justice and decolonizing herbalism.​


This class is FREE TO ALL BIPOC. Please use code: FREE at checkout.
This class is $11 for all non-BiPOC

This class is accessible to all levels & identities. All are welcome here!​
Thank you for your presence.

Please email Jenelyse with any questions or if you have any injuries you need support modifying for at: indigigoldenherbalacademy@gmail.com​

We encourage you to set up your space with whatever props you need- but not required (i.e mat/rug, blanket, block, bolster).

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