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January Full Moon Women's Circle with Winter Jendayi


This Full Moon offering invites women to gather within the ceremony of sacred circle and co-create an energetic space where we share ourselves and allow our feminine medicines to come forward, held by the Seven Directions.

Aligning with the Full Moon and gathering in this way, we weave a web together from the powerful portals of our wombs which creates an energetic field that transcends physical separation and carries us into a higher dimensional reality which we can share and hold for the collective. This is a part of our work as women in this human lifetime; to work with the magic of the unseen and weave it into the physical realms. With the power of our words, we will do this in our circle, bringing our prayers/intentions through to be manifested here on the Earth.​

This gathering is open to all who identify as Women.

Thank you for your presence. Please email Winter with any questions or if you have any injuries you need support modifying for at:

We encourage you to set up your space with whatever props you need- but not required (i.e mat/rug, blanket, block, bolster). 

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